Tussar Korial Saree

Red-bordered white saree, a timeless choice for Bengali women during Durga Puja festivities.

Tant Saree

Traditional handwoven cotton saree with vibrant borders, perfect for a classic Durga Puja look.

Dhakai Jamdani

Feather-light muslin adorned with artistic patterns, a symbol of elegance and heritage.

Matka Silk

Royal silk saree known for its intricate patterns, adding regal charm to your Puja ensemble.

Kantha Stitched

Hand-embroidered with love, Kantha sarees carry the essence of Bengal's artistic heritage, adding grace and elegance to attire.

Silk Linen Saree

A blend of luxurious silk and breathable linen, offering a sophisticated and comfortable choice for any occasion.

Silk Cotton

Silk cotton saree blends the luxurious elegance of silk with the comfort and breathability of cotton, offering a graceful drape.