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All You Need to Know About is a dynamic platform encompassing food, travel, experiences, and lifestyle content. With Aparajita Chakraborty and Shan Deepankar at the helm, our journey transcends borders, transforming the world into our workplace, playground, classroom, and sanctuary. Unveil captivating adventures, both near and far, as we delve into enticing gastronomy, global exploration, incredible encounters, and a life well-lived.

The Genesis of A Journey Unveiled

The story begins with Aparajita Chakraborty and Shan, two souls who embraced their nomadic spirit and embarked on a journey that redefined conventional lifestyles. Leaving behind full-time media roles, they embraced the world with open arms. 40 countries, 123 cities, and countless experiences later, the idea of was born. With a vision to share the joy of travel and indulgence, the platform emerged to inspire individuals worldwide.

Prior to this endeavor, Aparajita and Shan brought their expertise to prominent media outlets including NORTHEAST Express, Bloomberg TV, and BBC, enriching the world of business reporting and television content writing.

A Tapestry of Exploration and Joy

From its humble origins as a personal blog, has evolved into a global team dedicated to enhancing lives through exploration and excitement. Whether it’s uncovering luxurious hotels, vibrant dining destinations, electrifying events, or delectable food festivals, encapsulates it all. The platform’s essence lies in discovering new horizons, amplifying wanderlust, and encouraging individuals to embark on memorable journeys.

Partnering for Shared Passion

If the fire of exploration burns within you and you wish to contribute, collaborate, or advertise on our platform, we invite you to join hands with us. Connect with us at or drop a friendly greeting to our WhatsApp number at +91 8777791032. Let’s create memorable experiences together, igniting the spirit of exploration and joy. We eagerly await your connection.